Konstantinos Skopelitis – Painting a Story


This week I want to shine the spotlight on a very talented artist who kindly let us use his artwork on the flyer for our next event. Konstantinos Skopelitis, based in Greece he came to our attention by following the BYBL page on Twitter. His art instantly struck a chord in me, portraits with a different edge. Many have a distinctive newspaper print or text from books in the background and most are of beautiful women caught in a moment. His art wants to tell a story and the more I look at a piece the more my mind wants to unravel the story behind it. It’s as if he is trying explain the reason for the expression without words whilst reminding us that we all have our own story to tell.

The one which features in our is artwork is called ‘Crystal’ and unlike many of the other pieces this one is in colour painted with Acrylic. Konstantinos’s work is fairly priced and affordable so feel free to browse via the links below before someone else claims these one of a kind portraits.


Words from Konstantinos about his passion…


“I remember myself holding a pencil and drawing since I was a child. Drawing whatever triggered my wild imagination. Years went by and my pencil became a brush, a charcoal, a pen. The paper turned to a canvas and painting became a self-discovery journey. I relied on colours to express my feelings, my thoughts, my experiences. My pencil was my closest ally, always there to speak for me when the words couldn’t. Faces, scenes from photos, a song I love, a place I visited, an old dusty book, vintage items, through my pop-art interpretation.
My inspiration is hidden and found everywhere in life. My technique can cover mixed media from acrylic, ink, oil, collage among others. Every inspiration is a new journey. Every journey is a new challenge; a challenge I am always willing to take up.”









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