REVIEW + FREE DL: Michelle Cade’s Kindisch Podcast leaves us feeling intoxicated :)

It’s Monday, the weekend was a blur and I’m back at work staring at a busy week ahead. This is the afternoon slump, the one which happens after lunch but way before the end of the day. I sit back in my chair, put on my headphones, settle down and press play on Michelle latest mix. A podcast for Berlin based label Kindisch, launched by the minds responsible for Get Physical. This label is very particular about who they work with, which is a sign it’s worth looking out for her in the future. Michelle has just returned from playing at their last party in Berlin and put this mix together before she flew out. Signed to Kindisch and Secret Music, her recent remix of “Gone” (Original also by Michelle) touched the top 50 in the Beatport Electronica / Downtempo chart and we have insider knowledge Michelle is now working on a string of tracks off the back of this success.

I instantly hear why Kindisch have taken an interest in Michelle’s music, from the beginning the percussion is at the forefront, accompanied by an ebb and flow which seems so natural. This mix sounds like it was created by someone who finds it easy to tap into the spiritual and emotional side of electronic music. I certainly felt the tribal call which many producers and DJ’s find hard to replicate. Expressing what she feels, whilst taking you on an emotional journey of beats and percussion set in an ambient soundscape . Put bluntly, if you wanted to venture into the woods and take mushrooms all weekend then this mix is exactly what you would want to hear. 

You can listen to the mix below. Please support this talented artist by liking, following and sharing. Oh! We almost forgot to mention the bit where you get something for free. Michelle has given us a link to a free download of her “California Dreaming” remake which represents her style perfectly. If you are a DJ then add this one to your bag.

Mamma’s and Pappa’s – California Dreaming (Michelle Cade Remake) – FREE DOWNLOAD

Michelle Cade on Beatport

Michelle Cade on Soundcloud

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