Mix Review: The Inaudibles – An Inaudible Mixtape (Summer 2017)

It took me a little while to get around to listening to this mix but I finally settled into a long run and remembered I had it on my playlist. I’m certainly glad I played it because its one of those mixes that gives you a break from all the banging Tech House thats doing the rounds at the moment. This refreshingly Electro, Synth infused, musical mastermind was created by The Inaudibles (Crossworld Records) and features a number of their own tracks. What I like about this mix is that there aren’t really any rules and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The Inaudibles have a space theme wich is painfully obvious when you look at their artwork and thankfully the theme carries through into their music with various Sci Fi movie samples dipping in and out of the mixtape at certain points. Extracts from Star Wars and War of the Worlds are blended impressively with electronic beats and Synth leads without sounding too cheesy.

Overall I really enjoyed the mix, if I was going to give you something to compare it too musically then I’d go with; Justice, early Boys Noize Electro mixed with solid beats put together in the sort of funky, groove pop fashion a young JK would move his feet too.

Check out the mix below and remember, sharing is caring x

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The Inaudibles on Beatport

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